Glock Handgun Grips

Each EZR Glock pistol grip sleeve is custom-designed to fit the shape and grip of your Glock handgun. EZR Glock gun sleeves won’t leave residue like Glock grip tape or move like silicone or rubber pistol grips.

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Not sure which gauntlet is right for your Glock model? Use the chart below to find your perfect fit.

Sub Compact Gauntlet

fits models:

  • G26 Gen4
  • G26 Gen5
  • G26
  • G43
  • G27 Gen4
  • G27 Gen5
  • G27
  • G36
  • G39
  • G42
  • G33 Gen4
  • G33
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Compact Gauntlet

fits models:

  • G19
  • G19 Gen4
  • G19 Gen5
  • G19X
  • G43X Black
  • G45
  • G48 Black
  • G23
  • G23 Gen4
  • G23 Gen5
  • G44
  • G38
  • G32
  • G32 Gen4
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Full Size Gauntlet

fits models:

  • G17 Gen4
  • G17 Gen5
  • G17
  • G17L
  • G34
  • G34
  • Gen4
  • G22 Gen4
  • G22 Gen5
  • G22
  • G24
  • G35
  • G35 Gen4
  • G20 Gen4
  • G20
  • G21 Gen4
  • G21
  • G41 Gen4
  • G37
  • G31 Gen4
  • G31
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Sub Compact 29/30 Gauntlet

fits models:

  • G29 Gen4
  • G29
  • G30 Gen4
  • G30
  • G30S
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Glock 43 Gauntlet

fits models:

  • G43 Gen4
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Smith & Wesson Handgun Grips

Outfit your Smith & Wesson with an EZR pistol grip sleeve custom-designed for comfort and control, improving your comfort and personal protection.

Sig Sauer Handgun Grips

Upgrade your Sig Sauer shooting experience with a custom-designed EZR gun grip sleeve.

Springfield Handgun Grips

Add comfort and control to your Springfield with a custom-designed EZR gauntlet grip sleeve. They won’t leave residue like pistol grip tape or move like rubber pistol grips or silicone pistol grips.

Beretta Handgun Grips

EZR gun grip sleeves are custom-designed for control, firearm retention, and comfort of your Beretta handgun.

Ruger Handgun Grips

Improve your shooting performance and equip your Ruger with a custom-fit EZR pistol grip sleeve.

Other Brands

EZR Gun Grips are not one size fits all and feature outstanding gun grip sleeves custom-designed for leading brands. EZR pistol grip sleeves improve safety and confidence when handling and they won’t move like rubber pistol grips or silicone pistol grips.

Out of stock
Out of stock

The EZR Warranty

EZR Sport gun grips will not tear or rip during installation. Nor will they rotate or move after extended use.

EZR Sport guarantees these products to be free of defects in original workmanship and materials. If any defect develops, we will replace the product at no charge, provided the defect is not the result of mishandling or abuse on the part of the user, and that the defective product is returned to the factory with transportation charges prepaid.

EZR Gun Grips are unmatched for quality, durability, and molding flexibility.

EZR gun grip gauntlets are manufactured through a patented proprietary process using our unique EZR Foam. Made from a unique phthalate-free PVC vinyl closed-cell foam of unequaled durability and comfort, EZR Foam offers a smooth velvet surface that is non-slip under adverse conditions and improves with use. 

EZR Foam is a high-density shock absorber and insulator with unequaled abrasion resistance. It is non-absorbant; dirt and oils can be easily washed away. Plus, EZR Foam is impervious to UV degradation and chemicals such as DEET in comparison to EPDM rubber, a material commonly used in rubber grip sleeves.